Accessories for RADLADER and eRADLADER  Euro
Board with expander rope (incl. assembly)

photo: TURBOLADER with board and expander rope
Rear carrier tubus Fly Evo (incl. assembly)
Rear carrier tubus Grand Tour (incl. assembly)
stuffBOX, lightweight Cordura bag with lightweight board299,00
boxCOVER, Cordura cover for the stuffBOX / cargo space
aluBOX, 105 l volume, lockable
Outer dimensions of the box: length x width x height ~ 60 x 41 x 52 cm
weight ~ 5,4 kg
without assembly material
The aluBOX also fits the RADLADER Generation 2


Dimensions: length x width x height ~ 78 x 48 x 32 cm
Volume 90 l, weight 2,2 kg,  material recycled-plastic (PE)
Ortlieb duffle bag 110 l, water proof
colour black, olive/black, sun yellow/black or ocean blue/black
Child seat bench for one or two kids, one belt included
We recommend to use the Easy Up&Down handle bar adjuster and a short stem in combination with the seat bench.
2nd belt for the kids bench

RADLADER with stuffBOX and kids bench

stuffBOX, lightweight Cordura bag with lightweight board
kidsDACH rain cover for kids
work in progress