The Ansmann RM7.1 assist is characterized by it´s light weight, high range and powerful drive. The torque sensor ensures a smooth ride with almost no noise. The rear motor concept means low wear on chains and cassettes. The CAN bus display is easy to use und you can choose between 5 assist levels and 3 recovery levels.
The famous ExtraEnergy e. V. awarded a bike with RM7.0 Motor in their 2015 e-bike test as winner bike. High efficiency, recovery and a silent motor are the systems highlights.

eRADLADER 7.1 with external gears Euro
eRADLADER 7.1 Deore 30-speed 4999,00
Frame colour: lava grey or jumping green
Fork colour: black mat

eRADLADER  7.1 with Pinion gearbox  Euro
eRADLADER  7.1 Pinion C1.6, 6-speed   5690,00
eRADLADER  7.1 Pinion C1.12, 12-speed   5999,00
eRADLADER  7.1 Pinion P1.18, 18-speed   6790,00
Gates Carbon Drive belt drive (upcharge)
Frame colour: lava grey or blee blue
Fork colour: black mat
Standard Setup
Battery: Ansmann 630 Wh
Brakes: Magura MT5 hydraulic 4-pistons disc brakes
Discs: 180 mm front, 160 mm rear
Customize your eRADLADER
Specs and options
Cargo bike stand, incl.
Stem Ahead, lengths: 60 mm, 90 mm or 110 mm, black          +0,00
Handle bar: Riser Bar or Comfort Bar, black  +0,00
Easy Up&Down, toolless adjustment of handle bar height  +49,00
Saddle Velo Trekking, M or L  +0,00
Magura MT7 hydraulic disc brakes 180/160 mm  +180,00
Tyres Schwalbe Marathon 47-406/559, incl.  +0,00
Tyres Schwalbe Marathon Plus 47-406/559 +29,00
Mudguards 20" / 26" black    +49,00
Lightset with Shimano hub dynamo, EYC Senso T LED front light and Secula rear light  +229,00
Lightset with Shimano Alfine hub dynamo, IQ X LED front light and Secula rear light +299,00
High end lightset with SON 28 hub dynamo, SON deluxe LED front light and Secula rear light  +449,00
Board  +79,00
Board with expander rope  +179,00
Rear carrier tubus Logo Evo  +119,00
Custom colour  +149,00

Accessories for the eRADLADER

Tech Specs
Ansmann RM7.1
Drive system
rear direct drive
Speed (max)
25 km/h / 15,5 mph
Performance nominal / peak
250 W / 750 W
Motor settings5
Assist levels (%)
50 / 100 / 150 / 200 / 250
Recovery levels
Torque (max)
42 Nm
Battery630 Wh, 36 V
Range (max)
180 km*
Deliverymotor RM7.1, battery, display, charger, fixings, manual
Cassette sprocket
8 - 10 speed
Disc mount
6-hole from 140 mm

  *depending on rider, payload, riding style, topography and motor settings