eLADER RM7.0 eBike

Now both Cargo Bike Monkeys bikes, TURBOLADER and RADLADER, are available with electric assist.
You can choose between two high quality systems, the Pendix motor and the Ansmann rear direct drive motor. Both motors are produced in Germany.

The Ansmann RM7.0 assist is characterized by it´s light weight, high range and powerful drive. The torque sensor ensures a smooth ride with almost no noise. The rear motor concept means low wear on chains and cassettes. The CAN bus display is easy to use und you can choose between 5 assist levels and 3 recovery levels.
The famous ExtraEnergy e. V. awarded a bike with RM7.0 Motor in their 2015 e-bike test as winner bike. Hi efficiency, recovery and a silent motor are the systems highlights.

RM7.0 rear wheel 26", battery 576 Wh, display
1799 €

Tech Specs
Ansmann RM7.0
Drive system
rear direct drive
Speed (max)
25 km/h / 15,5 mph
Performance nominal / peak
250 W / 750 W
Motor settings5
Assist levels (%)
50 / 100 / 150 / 200 / 250
Recovery levels
Torque max.
42 Nm
Battery576 Wh, 36 V
Range (max)
180 km*
Deliverymotor RM7.0, battery, display, charger, fixings, manual
Cassette sprocket
8 - 10 speed
Disc mount
6-hole from 140 mm
 *depending on rider, riding style, topography, bike and motor settings