eRADLADER STEPS 8000, 5290,00 Euro - April 2019
eRADLADER RM7.1, 4990,00 Euro - April 2019

eRADLADER Pendix, 4490,00 Euro - April 2019

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Now both Cargo Bike Monkeys bikes, TURBOLADER and RADLADER, are available with electric assist.
You can choose between three high quality systems,the Shimano Steps 8000 central motor, the Pendix motor and the Ansmann rear direct drive motor.

The lightweight Pendix eDrive assist makes e-bikes easier to use. The motor is noiseless and the battery has an integrated controller. The handling is unique and intuitive. You´ll know the capacity of your battery by the colour of the LED light at a glance. A simple turn of the rotating selector at the upper end of the battery selects the three modes Eco, Smart and Sport.
pendix motor akku kurbel

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pendix motor

prices complete bike
Pendix eDrive

Pendix eDrive 500

Deore 30-speed 4490 €
 4690 €

Alfine 8-speed
4490 €

Rohloff 14-speed
5390 €
  5590 €  

Tech Specs
Pendix eDrive 300 / 500
Drive system
brushless bottom bracket motor
Speed (max)
25 km/h / 15,5 mph
Performance nominal / peak
250 W
Motor settings3
Assist levels (%)
75 / 150 / 200
Torque max.
50 Nm
Battery300 / 500 Wh
Range (max)
80 km* / 130 km* 
Deliverymotor unit, crank, battery, charger, fixings, manual
Hole circle chainrings
104 mm
 *depending on rider, riding style, topography, bike and motor settings